First Post! 12/26/2007

On 12/8/07 I went to Secaucus NJ for a baseball convention. They had baseball players signing papers bats balls etc. My dad and I did not want to spend so much money just for a signature so we got a book by Dana Brand. It was called Mets Fan. I am almost finished with the book and so far I am really enjoying it. He talks about his experiences at Shea and then goes into the amazing history of the Mets. He also signed the book and put "To Isabel it really is worth it to be a Mets fan! Keep the faith and Lets Go Mets"  I also find it funny because on one of his pages he says that"Lets Go Mets ends a sentence really well. And he wrote that on the last sentence. Anyways I really would reccomend this book to any baseball fan and even if you just want to learn a little something about the Mets!!!